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New properties for 2021

Wednesday 23rd June - 2021


We are now in Newark. We are delighted to announce we have agreed to take on the iconic Bishops Place building. This grade II listed building is our fourth of this type.


We have added Bridlesmith Lofts to our portfolio. This unique grade II listed building has been converted into 9 stunning city centre apartments. Stonehouse have brought an incredibly detailed and stylish touch to all areas of the finish for these apartments.

New properties for 2020

Wednesday 7 October - 2020

We are pleased to announce three new properties have been added - under Franklin Management.


Hine Hall

Franklin are proud to announce our latest building to the portfolio. The stunning Hine Hall. The former Coppice Hospital was designed by renowned architect T.C. Hine and was built in 1857 to 1859 and converted into apartments in the latter part of the 20th century. We intend to work closely with the group of passionate directors who have a long term vision in place for the hall.



Clementine Apartments. Continuing our partnership with Wilmark Homes we are delighted to add these apartments to our portfolio. Ably managed by the retiring agent Martyn Stubbs we aim to continue the high standards they have set.


The Park - Nottingham

Franklin are delighted to announce the additions of our third and fourth properties in the historic Park Estate in Nottingham. The grounds were a former deer park before development began in 1809. The beautiful settings and peacefulness offer a tranquil environment for the residents living there. Franklin will ensure all buildings and works are done sympathetically and with the guidance of the Park Estate.

Franklin Management Coronavirus update and strategy

Friday 22nd May - 2020

To all residents, we are now a long way into the lockdown period and largely we have been able to keep services to the same standard. We are now booking in larger maintenance works if the contractors can do them safely. 


Some points to note

  • Cleaners have continued to keep the buildings to a good standard, and they have focused on high touch points. They have been operating at earlier times to avoid contact with residents

  • Keep the bin stores clear of bags and furniture. The tips are now open so take items to there or book in a bulky item collection with the local council

  • The gardeners will now increase time spent to bring the outdoor areas back up to standard

  • All essential services have carried on as normal

  • Residents should wash their hands before entering the communal areas either on entrance with a hand sanitizer or on exiting the apartment.

  • As an extra precaution wash your hands after being in the communal areas as we cannot guarantee every resident will follow our guidelines.

  • If there is a confirmed case the residents in that block will be informed and a deep clean will be done


Residents that are self-isolating or have a confirmed case of the virus

  • Ensure you inform us by calling 0115 748 3490 or email us, we will treat any communication in the strictest of confidence.

  • We will offer support to those residents and encourage neighbours to help with shopping if they cannot get assistance from friends, family, or the local authority.

Franklin Management Coronavirus update and strategy

Tuesday 17th March - 2020

These are dark times for all of us, but the most important thing we can do is not panic and keep calm with a set plan in place and ensure we help each other. The vast majority of people that get it will encounter mild symptoms and recover in a short time. It is the elderly and those with underlying health issues that are the most vulnerable at this stage in time. Ensure you follow government advice.



  • The cleaners will continue as normal, they will however ensure all hand contact points are disinfected on a regular basis.

  • Residents should wash their hands before entering the communal areas either on entrance with a hand sanitizer or on exiting the apartment.

  • As an extra precaution wash your hands after being in the communal areas as we cannot guarantee every resident will follow our guidelines.

  • In the event that we have a confirmed case from a resident we will bring in a specialist deep cleaning team for the affected block. All residents will be informed and may have obligatory testing. At this stage, it’s not very likely we will know as the vast majority of people are not tested and instead are told to self-isolate.

  • If someone is self-isolating it is important to realise that there is every chance they do not have the virus but are following government guidelines. Therefore, those living in the same block as someone self-isolating should offer support to the resident with help with shopping if they have no one else that can. That will generally mean leaving the shopping by the front door and avoiding direct contact. We will ensure the block receives a deep clean as a precautionary measure.


Residents that are self-isolating

  • Ensure you inform us by calling 0115 748 3490 or email us, we will treat any communication in the strictest of confidence.

  • Those with underlying health issues and the elderly are most likely to be asked to isolate themselves in the coming weeks. We will offer support to those residents and encourage neighbours to help with shopping if they cannot get assistance from friends, family or the local authority.


If the government declares a lockdown

  • In the event of this happening the services and maintenance of the building will suffer. Please be patient and understanding.

  • We will have residents on site that are familiar with the building so in the event of something happening they will be able to cover most basic issues.

  • If it is an emergency, then contractors will be called upon as this would be allowed under lockdown.

This is an everchanging situation so keep an eye on our twitter @frankmanage orthe home page for the live twitter feed.

David Thomas, Director.

Welcome to The Establishment

Monday 29th April - 2019

The Establishment. Franklin Management are thrilled to have won this city centre building contract. The building is grade ll listed and presents unique challenges in the much needed maintenance work. To have this building in the heart of Nottingham City Centre is a tribute to the effort we have put in to increase our presence in the City.


We are now in Sheffield

Wednesday 14th September - 2018

Franklin Management are thrilled to announce our latest estate. Situated towards the city centre we now proudly manage Norfolk Park. A selection of apartments and houses. We have been careful to only expand at a manageable rate and we were conscious that if we didn’t we would struggle to keep the service levels to the standard we want. However the timing is perfect as we have added our latest member of staff with 10 years’ experience from another managing agent.

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We move into our new Nottingham office

Tuesday 25th September - 2018

Franklin Management have moved into a new office not far from the City Centre of Nottingham. “We are continuing to grow our building portfolio and moving into this new office will give the team the space they need. This sends a message that Franklin Management intend to be a major player in the Nottingham block management market with seven buildings managed by us around the city” David Thomas - Managing Director

new office-9-18-small-1
new office-9-18-small-2
new office-9-18-small-3

Tanners Court carpets

Tuesday 19th June - 2018

We worked new carpets into the budget at Tanners Court over a two year period. We completed the 400m2 works with Gary and his team completing the finishing touches in mid June. The carpets are of the highest standard and improve the aesthetics of Tanners Court. We continue to improve this building, but can reflect on what a great transformation we have done since 2014.

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Street Artist creates a masterpiece for our new building

Thursday 12th April 2018

One of Nottinghams hottest street artists Alert was given a brief at our Tewkesbury Place apartments. Create a piece of art to reflect the buildings vibrant modern feel. Working with Dave Thomas Alert came up with a geometrical design highlighting the colours used in the apartments and throwing in bright splashes to catch the eye. The results speak for themselves. Franklin are privileged to work with this exciting artist and give him a platform to showcase his considerable talent.

The Firehouse Improvements - Stage 2

Thursday 22nd March - 2018

Stage two of the Firehouse works are now complete. The interior has been painted along with the new carpets. We have now installed LED lights throughout saving 50% on the electricity. Franklin are proud giving this building the much needed makeover it required for so many years before Franklin took it on.

firehouse 3-18-small-1
firehouse 3-18-small-2

Welcome to Westbury House

Thursday 22nd March - 2018

Franklin Management are very pleased to announce the latest building to our portfolio, Westbury House. A grade II listed building from the 19th century. As with all of our listed buildings this will come with its own unique challenges, but working with the directors and leaseholders we are offering a bespoke service on this building which still allows the leaseholders a lot of control over their building. First order is to produce a tailored reserve fund plan to ensure the leaseholders know what to expect in terms of cost with no excess charges.


The Firehouse Improvements

Wednesday 15 November - 2017

The Firehouse. Having recently taken over this building in August 2017 we are very happy to start the much needed improvement works. The new carpets have really transformed the communal areas. The old management company had promised to change the old carpet which had been down for around 15 years and failed to deliver. This is just the first phase of bringing this building back up to standard and within budget

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firehouse 11-17-small-4
firehouse 11-17-small-5
firehouse 11-17-small-6

In partnership with Wynbrook Homes

Wednesday 18th October - 2017

Franklin are very proud to be the management company of choice for Wynbrook Homes. Our latest building is the stunning Tewkesbury Place. Working with Wynbrook from planning to completion has allowed us to tailor reserve plans to a high degree of accuracy. We have worked closely to achieve competitive but sustainable service charge plans.


Tanners Court gates

Wednesday 18th October - 2017

We took over this building from a poor managing agent in 2014. After much work to bring the building up to an acceptable standard we decided to open up a vote to the leaseholders on if we should make the building 100% gated. It was an overwhelming yes and so with our trusted contractor L P Fabrications the project was completed last year.

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