Useful Information for Leaseholders


We understand that there will always be questions that arise regarding your development and we have tried to answer some of the more commonly asked ones here. Please contact us directly should we have missed anything you need to know.

Selling your Property

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Please get in touch with Franklin Management Limited if you plan to sell your property and provide your solicitor with our details to ensure they can contact us at an early stage.

For Sale/To Let Boards

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Generally leases do not allow ‘for sale’ or ‘to let’ marketing boards to be placed within the common parts of the building or in the communal grounds as these belong to the freeholder. You should check with us in advance of instructing an agent.

Letting Your Apartment

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Please advise Franklin in advance if you are considering letting out your apartment to someone else. The majority of leases will specifically request that you do this and you may need consent from the Freeholder. We also need to ensure that we have your contact address for any future correspondence.

Car Parking

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Please check the parking arrangements relating to your property and the development. Parking spaces are often allocated to each apartment and we do ask that residents adhere to any parking regulations in force. Visitor parking arrangements may vary.

Key and Entry Fobs

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It is important to ensure that you are provided with any keys to your property and to all communal areas at the point of purchase.
If you require a new fob then please contact Franklin and we can order these for you. Charges vary depending on the type of entry system.
If required to, Franklin can produce additional sets of keys but only to the owner of the property, and it can take a period of up to 6 weeks to do so. There will be a charge to purchase the new key or fob and an additional fee to cover administration will be applied.

Satellite TV

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Many of our developments are equipped with communal satellite equipment which is maintained on your behalf. This would simply require you to buy a digital TV set- top box and any necessary satellite subscriptions to enable you to receive the channels of your choice. Most leases prevent you from installing your own dish or TV aerial to the building.


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The majority of leases relating to the residential apartments we manage require permission to keep a pet. This is designed to protect the building and other residents living there. Sometimes smaller pets are permitted please check you lease for details and contact Franklin for permission.

Bin Stores/Domestic Rubbish

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The bin stores are provided for the use by residents in the majority of residential blocks we manage. Only rubbish that is placed in the bins provided will be collected by the local authority. Items such as large cardboard boxes, and packaging should be taken to a local refuse site. If rubbish is left to accumulate and we have to arrange for an additional collection this charge will be added to the service charge.


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Please be considerate of your neighbours in your development as it is easy for everyday activities to have an impact on other residents. Music being played loudly in the evening, for example, can easily become a nuisance.
If you have any issues with an inconsiderate neighbour please try to resolve these amicably and should these issues persist please contact Franklin and we will investigate.


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Your lease contains provisions and regulation regarding the property that vary from development to development.

Alterations and Home Improvements

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If you are planning to alter your property the lease will usually require you to seek permission first. Please contact Franklin to discuss this or submit a proposal. This is to ensure that the building and our owners are not affected and any restrictions are complied with.


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Please familiarise yourself with the location of stop taps in your property in the event of a leak please close off the water in your apartment and contact Franklin immediately if this is likely to affect other apartments. If the leak is from above try alerting the apartments above and ask them to follow this information. Please contact Franklin on either the office number 01157 483490 or the out of hours 01156 975 558

Residents’ Association

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A Residents Association can provide effective means to maintain strong communication between property owners and Franklin Management Ltd providing it ensures that it properly represents the views of the majority of property owners. We can provide guidance on setting up a Residents’ Association should this be of interest

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