This old JR Morley Victorian Hosiery factory was converted to apartments in the early 2000’s. We took over the management of this building in January 2015. The previous managing agent had failed to carry out several key repairs around the block. Key cyclical maintenance such as decorating had not been kept up.

The leaseholders were paying very high fees mainly due to the lease stating the freeholder could choose the insurance. We knew this building could be a beautiful place to live and the service charges didn’t have to be high to achieve this. We felt very lucky that there were a strong group of resident directors who had a passion and knowledge for their building. Working with them we did the following;


Right to Manage

It was clear that the service charges were too high. The only way to reduce these and to free up all powers to the leaseholders was to complete an RTM. We successfully completed this in the quickest time possible. This meant service charges came down on average 30% and put the leaseholders firmly in control of their building.


Reserve fund plan

We put in place a short, mid and long term plan with manageable contributions.

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Key Repairs

Flood defence and drainage issues

The landscape of the building meant that flash flooding often hit the ground floors. We worked with a surveyor and contractor to install new drainage channels and run off areas. This has now so far resolved the issue. We also commissioned several drain surveys to highlight issues that were causing smells and possible subsidence. These have now been actioned and repaired.

Roof repairs

There had been an ongoing leak into an apartment for over a year. There were also clearly several issues on both the flat roof and pitched roof that were going to create problems in the very near future. We had three contactors come in and quote for long term solutions and repairs. The leak was repaired within a month, the roof repaired in key areas across the large building and we used electric testing on the flat roof to show pinhole leaks.

Water pump bypass

The pumps were aging and breaking down on a regular basis. We introduced a pump bypass so there would always be a supply of water.

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Key Repairs

Brick repairs and repointing

Being a grade II listed building this always had to be resolved working closely with the local council and approved contractors using the correct materials. We initially commissioned a report from a specialist surveyor. From this we put in place some initial urgent repairs requiring four level scaffolding. After this we were able to put in place a rolling program to keep up with the annual maintenance required for a building like this.

Brick paving

The developer had used only a deep sand base for the brick paving. This meant that undulations and potential trip hazards had developed over the years. A program is now in place to relay all the 1000m2 over the next few years with over half completed to a very high standard.

Renewable and cyclical maintenance completed since 2015

  • Complete redecoration inside and out

  • Extensive garden restoration with new contractors in place to maintain the high standards

  • Complete refurbishment of both carpark gates with key health and safety elements introduced.

  • Led lights throughout including the gardens

  • HD CCTV installed

  • Gymnasium equipment introduced and replaced

  • New vinyl floors

  • New water pumps

  • True One GB broadband throughout

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the works done and that we continue to do at this building. We take a very hands on proactive approach and love seeing the buildings being the best they can. If you think your building needs a change please go to the contact us page of the website and let us tell you what we could do for you. You will find us passionate, straight forward and realistic in our approach. We are happy to meet any interested leaseholders at our buildings where they can see for themselves what we do and chat to leaseholders we look after.

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