The Firehouse

We took on the Firehouse in August 2017. A leaseholder approached us because they were not happy with the existing managing agent. We organised a right to manage for the leaseholders free of charge on the basis that we would take on the management of the building on a 12 month contract.

The building was in very bad shape when we took it on with several key repairs and maintenance issues. We formed two budgets, one standard for the day to day running and one for the urgent works. Both budgets came in below the previous managing agents charges and now all the works are complete they are enjoying reduced service charges.

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Key Repairs


The carpets were in terrible condition and gave a less than impressive impression on entering the building. We replaced all carpets as a priority.

Juliette balconies

The Juliette balconies were rusting and peeling on all levels. After an initial survey it became clear we would have to take these off the building to be stripped and powder coated. This created a logistical problem for the hire and use of a cherry picker on a main road along with the need to provide temporary balconies. Our maintenance director Carl Cresswell oversaw the works which were completed within budget and to a very good standard.


We replaced all the inefficient and failing 2d lights with LEDS both inside and outside the building. These will reduce the electricity costs by 40%.


The decoration both inside and outside had not been maintained for many years. We redecorated the outside fence and the interior walls.All of these works were done within 15 months of us taking the building on.We now have in place an online portal for the leaseholders to access information on existing works orders and all related building documents. A reserve fund is now in place for a 10 year forward maintenance plan.


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